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Weekly Update: Launch of McAfeeDex, Hydro partners with OmiseGo, Jarau’s Uptrennd success story, OST’s Pepo @DevCon5... – 4 Oct - 10 Oct'19

Weekly Update: Launch of McAfeeDex, Hydro partners with OmiseGo, Jarau’s Uptrennd success story, OST’s Pepo @DevCon5... – 4 Oct - 10 Oct'19
Sup folks! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (4 Oct - 10 Oct'19):

First off, super congratulations to Alexis for becoming a Parachute admin. Woot woot! In the words of Cap: "Long overdue and much appreciated!". Doc Victor hosted a games trivia in Tiproom with 2500 $PAquestion prize. 10 questions. Charlotte’s Math and Voice Clip trivia in Tiproom were another 10 Qs each at 2500 $PAR per Q. Sweet. Ian got $PAR listed in the newly launched McAfeeDex (more on that later). Thank ya Ian! Cryptopreneurs looking for some guidance? Check out Cap’s recommended reading for the week – Haseeb Qureshi of Dragonfly Capital talks about how "pretty much everyone is winging it", how that's part of the journey and how to move from a maybe to a sure thing. Cap says the article “has a hundred powerful little points for building a company (in any space really) that resonate through what we do here at Parachute”. Great stuff! Parachute announced a partnership with Pynk this week. Pynk is an investment platform that uses crowd wisdom to make investment decisions. They will be using ParJar to share USDC and PAR with their community. Welcome on board Pynksters!
Cap, Ice and Shawn in NYC checking out the new WeWork office

View from the office
Victor’s 10 question Friday trivia at aXpire had a 100 $AXPR prize for each question. Neat! Click here to watch the latest weekly recap from aXpire. The new Resolvr promo video was launched. The Resolvr and Bilr twitter handles were started as well. This week’s $AXPR burn saw 200k tokens removed from total supply permanently. CEO Gary Markham was interviewed by PetaCrunch. 2gether’s Crypto Talent contest got coverage from Being Crypto. Founder Salvador recorded training videos for participants of the contest. The platform was featured in an article on Merca2. Spanish speakers, have a look! Emprende TVE did a quick mention, as the team bid farewell to South Summit and travelled to Freshworks Inc's Experience Roadshow. Read up on CEO Ramon’s thoughts on Facebook’s Libra in this Forbes article published this week. The XIO community voted to keep the twitter public in order to keep content available to non-citizens as well. As part of the Binance Dex listing proposal*, the team continued to answer queries raised by the BNB community. Great bit of chatter on the thread on how the XIO ecosystem will work. Andrew (cryptocoindude) wrote a review of the BOMB project which came out this week.
\[As already shared, the switch to Binance Chain has been shelved. $XIO will continue stay on Ethereum chain. But there will still be a token swap. Details will be shared in a future update]*
Bilr UX: simple and intuitive
The $ETHOS to $VGX rebrand requires collaboration from a large set of partners. In line with this, Shingo announced the Rebrand Partner Program. Plus, a shoutout to Voyager from Scott Melker in his CoinTelegraph article was the perfect way to cap off the week. SelfKey is officially out of beta with the latest update. You can read all about it in the detailed article on SelfKey v1.3.0. Also, a summary of all that has happened in September can be found here. We have covered most of these in previous updates. John McAfee launched his self branded decentralised exchange McAfeeDex. This is the first white label Dex built on the SwitchDex contract. Massive! The news was featured on CoinTelegraph, Decrypt,, AMBCrypto, Bitcoinist, Block Publisher, Coinspeaker and U.Today. Here’s a guide on how to use the Dex. The smart contract and front end is open sourced and there are bounties to BUIDL more fun stuff on it. Listing any ERC20 on the McAfeeDex is free and the Dex will support more blockchains in the future. SwitchDex will also be offering anyone the chance to launch their own Dex’es called portals built on their smart contract. Click here to see how. Platform fees from McAfeeDex will be distributed to exchange operators and ESH and SDEX token holders. Want to spend a day with the man himself? Get in on the ESH Trading Competition! Also, the social media bounties were distributed this week.
McAfeeDex vs Others. Check the last row. Haha
For the technically inclined, Andre Cronje’s latest post explains Fantom’s current project status. A community member got Uptrennd’s $1UP token listed on McAfeeDex. Uptrennd underwent some upgrades this week while the community partied on Meme Monday. $1UP deposits are now live on the platform. Plus, a few other updates can be seen here. There’s also a post to read all the details on the deposit feature. Along with the consistent rise in Alexa rankings, Google ranking has steadily gone up as well. Congrats! Here’s looking at you Uptrennd crew! Amazing crypto success story of the week has to be Jarau’s journey of buying a laptop with his earned points on the platform. Even Altcoin Magazine featured this. Big up to ya Jarau! Catch up with the latest District Weekly from District0x by clicking here. Hydro entered into a partnership with OmiseGo to make use of their plasma chain tech so that Hydro Pay doesn’t stall even when Ethereum chain slows down. Biz Dev Mark Anstead was also in DevCon5 in Osaka this week to spread the word on Hydro and to demo OmiseGo’s plasma implementation in Hydro Pay at $OMG’s booth. As the Hydro crew prepared for their webinar on financial wellness to be held in a few weeks, their article on this hit the stands. Co-Founder Mike Kane also wrote about its use-cases and about accelerating of fintech innovation in an Oracle blog post. This week we got to see another sneak peek into the Hydro Vault which is currently under development. Super slick! KPMG Turkey became a certified member of the Hydro Partner Program. This will allow them to offer all Hydrogen solutions to their enterprise clients. Noice!
Hydro Vault is sure to grab some major eyeballs
As part of its Notary Consilium, Silent Notary set up a dedicated Telegram group for this. In the run up to DevCon5 at Osaka, beta testing of OST’s Pepo app saw it become the #1 non-game Ethereum dApp. Awesomeness! The formal live beta launch of Pepo saw founder Jason Goldberg and co-founder Benjamin Bollen introduce the app for the first time at Building the New Web and EthPlanet Lightning Talks events to DevCon5 attendees. Don’t forget to get the app today in order to catch your favourite crypto thought leader on there – from Bobby Ong to Amanda Gutterman to Jordan Spence and many more. The launch of Pepo was also covered by Decrypt in a feature article. Click here for pics from the Pepo sponsored Shabu Shabu dinner and pub crawl. Fun! And if you were in Osaka, hope you didn’t miss the Crypto Grows on Trees art exhibition. Another event sponsored by Pepo. Also, Pepo stats can be tracked on the OSTWatch as well. This week at Constellation involved the core team sharing insights about the project on various platforms. Co-Founder Ben Jorgensen shared some quick thoughts on how the team works on BizDev that makes it stand out from the rest. BD VP Benjamin Diggles travelled to Oregon Venture Blockchain Studio Demo Day to talk about $DAG. Read up on VP of Finance Mathis Goldmann's thoughts on Constellation's role in the future of blockchain - "The solution to this issue (of scalability) is third generation horizontally scalable blockchains like Constellation…". Ben’s interview with FomoHunt had a few easter eggs (*cough partnerships *cough) peppered in between. The Daily Chain covered the project in a detailed feature. Tons of $BAGS tokens were given away this week in a community-based SWOT analysis sprint on the project. Also, here’s a call-to-action for content creators. BAGS is looking for you. Collab opportunity FTW!

And with that, it’s a wrap. See you again soon with another exciting update. Bye!
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Weekly Update: Welcome HYDRO to ParJar, Parachute newsletter signup, MatchBX Gigs, Wysker Series and Continuous Wyskering... - 22 Mar - 28 Mar'19

Weekly Update: Welcome HYDRO to ParJar, Parachute newsletter signup, MatchBX Gigs, Wysker Series and Continuous Wyskering... - 22 Mar - 28 Mar'19
Good day everyone! Here’s another update for the whirlwind week we had at Parachute and Parachute/ParJar partners. IRL work keeps me from churning these out on time. Working on catching up quickly to try to post future weekly updates faster:

A cool new community started to interact with ParJar this week. HYDRO was added to ParJar and ParJar added to the Hydro group. Fantom did a shoutout and CoinPedia also tweeted about ParJar. Thank you guys! Which makes me think, if this shoutout of the shoutout to our original shoutout is shoutouted by Fantom again, would it be a shoutoutception? Hmm. Also, we had our quirkiest game in ParJar yet. Parachuters had to use this site to find the most bizarre item. Best ones would win some cool PAR. Haha! The top picks were from Patri cko, Cryptovan and Clinton.
New Wonders of the World circa 2019
There’s a new email signup link for folks new to Parachute. If you’re not receiving Cap’s emails, you can sign up there. Close to USD 600 has already been raised for the Charity Parena. Woot! To get in, make a small donation (min USD 5 or crypto equivalent directly and let Jason know or tip Clinton through ParJar) and get a chance to win a 1-of-a-kind shirt from the Parachute Shop! Plus, kiddie gear is now available in the Parachute Shop. All profits from the shop go to charity. Games Master Jason turned 34 this week. Belated Happy Birthday to ya Florida Man! We had uber fun with an accidental Cap discovery this week. Add your favorite number at the end of the following link to jump to any chat in the group. For example the following link takes you to the first ever message in Parachute. Awesome!
Three Good Bois are counting on you to sign up for the Parachute newsletter
The 2gether card was launched on 27th March for use across the Eurozone. The presale event is now listed on ICObench. Make sure to check out the BCT ANN. Admins on their TG are rewarding members with 2GB who make thoughtful posts there. 2gether has an opening for a Java Software Engineer. Have a look at their job listing and apply if you have what it takes! Spanish speakers are in for a treat this week: Cointelegraph discussed about the company in a write-up, founder Salvador’s article on the zero marginal cost concept was featured in a UNIR publication and CEO Ramon’s interview during a Madrid Stock Exchange visit also came out. The 2GT token will be issued as a Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) in Malta. Read more about it here.
2gether is the only one with a regulated token
Still figuring out how to deploy your trading algo to your Binance account? Here’s a detailed look on how to set up your API keys and deploying a strategy to live markets on Binance using the Cryzen Code Studio. Also, belated birthday wishes to Shuvro. Hope you had a great one! Folks who haven’t subscribed to the Cryzen YouTube yet, subscribe now. They now have a custom handle. Community member Jonny did a little Cryzen shoutout towards the end of his detailed Crypto Asset Prediction Series. This week’s Saturday Rock Wars at PurpleCoin was for the best guitarist of all time. Jimi Hendrix won the public vote by a whopping margin. BOMB token is looking for ambassadors who can bring “liquidity, awareness, and education to the project”. Learn more about it here. Checked out Wysker Series yet? These are listicles of bundled relevant content aimed at user growth. Design geeks will find it fascinating. Plus, the app will see a new feature soon called Continuous Wyskering. Jonathan says: “After finishing one story, users will no longer have to go back to the home screen to discover new stories. Instead, the next story in line can be accessed with a simple swipe.” Neat! And finally, Birdchain has partnered with Blocklads to bring educational content to the app's learn tab. Look out for new content in that section!
Shuvro’s ETC bot showing decent gainz
Gigs are now live on MatchBX. Freelancers can create listings for their services directly and job posters can directly hire freelancers from there. Win win! If you’re not sure of what MatchBX is, read up on it here. Plus, the weekly AXPR burn went on as scheduled. Bounty0x crossed 500k+ monthly page views this week with a ~30% return visitor rate. If you’ve participated in a Cures Token bounty on Bounty0x, this article is super relevant. Also, KABN partnered with Bounty0x this week for running promotional bounties for their token offering. The ETHOS token is now listed on the ChangeNOW exchange. Much has been said about the Voyager-ETHOS deal so far. Shingo explains in this article why the partnership will be “setting new standards of transparency”. District0x’s weekly update covers a range of topics including Brady’s interview with A Garden of Crypto on all things District0x.
AXPR tokenomics
Altcoin Buzz featured Opacity this week and talked about their current development roadmap which includes the 1.0 site launch (which was also this week). Check out for a look and feel of what’s in store for May. Badcredit wrote about Horizon State with a detailed piece. The Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council was announced this week as well. “The voting process has been transparent and historic - for the first time in South Australian Government history, Blockchain technology was used for the voting process." Big up to Horizon State for becoming a part of history! And finally, they closed off the week with a bang by getting listed on John McAfee talks about Switch around the 11 minute mark in this interview with Satoshi Sean. Blockport was the centrepiece of this Coinvision article that explains the ins and outs of both the exchange as well as the BPT/BPS tokens. The Blockport STO is set for April 15th with more details in this post. If you’re interested and live in the EU or the US, the whitelist procedure is explained here. And finally, onto some Fantom news. Coinspeaker elaborates what the myriad partnerships mean for Fantom in this article. Like last week, Fantom capped off this week too with another exchange listing – ChainX. Boom!

Thank you for taking the time. See you soon with another weekly update. Cheerio!
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Comprar criptomonedas. Cómo le hago? (TUTORIAL PARTE 3)

En este post revisaré algunas ideas generales de los exchanges (exchange: “la casa de bolsa” en donde compras y vendes cripto).
Dado que revisar el funcionamiento de cada exchange es imposible, ya que hay más de 100, me concentraré en las generalidades que aplican para todos.
Para aquellos que ya tienen nociones de cripto, quizá algunas explicaciones resulten innecesarias (e incluso incompletas a nivel tecnico), pero este post es más bien para aquellos que comienzan desde cero.
Qué es un exchange (centralizados y decentralizados)
Supongo que ya abriste tu cuenta en bitso o cualquier otro exchange mexicano. Si no, por ahí se empieza.
La manera más fácil de cambiar tu dinero nacional a cripto es por medio de los exchanges que aceptan la moneda de tu país, ya que ellos ya hicieron la tarea de establecer canales con los bancos locales, mismos que tu puedes utilizar.
El inconveniente es que estos exchanges manejan, si acaso, cinco o diez criptodivisas, de las 1494 que hay. La ventaja es que de esas pocas puedes comprar las más importantes: Bitcoin y Ethereum, que son de hecho la columna vertebral de los criptomercados.
Una vez que cuentas con BTC o ETH, es muy sencillo transferirlas al exchange que gustes, y de ahí seguir haciendo trading (habrá otro post sobre esto).
Pero volvamos un poco a qué es un exchange.
Un exchange es una plataforma que facilita la compra y venta de criptodivisas. En términos cotidianos, es la tienda de la esquina en donde tú (trader) compras una mirinda (cripto) a doña Rosita (exchange). Obviamente, doña Rosita (exchange) no produce la mirinda, por lo que ella suma al precio de la mirinda su comisión (fee).
Esta es la diferencia fundamental entre los dos tipos de exchanges que existen: centralizados y decentralizados.
En el centralizado, tus fondos (pesos, BTC, ETH, etc.) quedan a resguardo del exchange, que se lleva una comisión, mientras que en un decentralizado tú (trader) compras la mirinda (cripto) directo a la fabrica (otro trader), sin comisión. En suma, los exchanges decentralizados son P2P (peer to peer), y en todo momento tienes tu dinero o tu mirinda en la mano: nunca queda tu patrimonio a resguardo, y discrecionalidad, del exchange.
Esta singularidad es precisamente el aporte más revolucionario de las criptodivisas: eliminar al intermediario (exchanges, bancos, tiendas, etc.) y sus eventuales arbitrariedades o abusos.
La mayoría de los exchanges operan en una zona gris en la que no queda muy claro que entidad nacional, o jurisdicción internacional, los regula y/o protege a sus usuarios. En el pasado, más de un exchange ha quebrado o desaparecido por fraude, robo, hackeo, etc. No está de más recordar que si de pronto surgen regulaciones anti cripto el primer eslabón de la cadena en caer van a ser los exchanges.
Aquí vale la pena hacer un comentario sobre la naturaleza de las criptomonedas. Las instituciones bancarias, a su vez sujetas a las leyes de cada pais, determinan como, cuando y cuanto de tu dinero puedes disponer. Ejemplos: en momentos de crisis, lo primero que hacen los bancos es restringir el límite de retiro (ver: crisis de Grecia en 2008, Venezuela, etc.), si hay una orden judicial el acceso a tu cuenta es cancelado, o tambien debido a los limites y horarios para disposicion de efectivo en caja, por transferencia, o en cajero. En oposicion a todas estas limitaciones, tus criptomonedas (la cantidad que sea) están siempre disponibles porque son tuyas.
Mías? Pero también es mío el dinero en mi cuenta de banco, puedes argumentar. Sí, y no. Cuando tú depositas un billete de cien pesos en el banco, y luego al día siguiente sacas cien pesos del cajero, nadie espera que obtengas justo el mismo billete que depositaste.
Bueno, las criptodivisas sí funcionan así. Cada criptomoneda tiene una identificación algorítmica única, a la que sólo tú tienes acceso, que te permite disponer de ella en el momento y lugar que quieras. Es decir, no requieres de un banco, por decirlo asi, que las guarde por ti (o peor, que evite deliberadamente tu acceso a las mismas), mucho menos un exchange.
Dicho esto, la única recomendación es: Una vez que tengas tus criptomonedas no las guardes en los exchanges (le confiarías tu quincena a doña Rosita?). Para esto existen las carteras, tema de otro post.
Cuales son los exchanges buenos?
Esta pregunta es muy subjetiva, y al final, el gusto y preferencia es del cliente. Sin embargo, algunas recomendaciones aplican para todos:
Liquidez y volumen: Los exchanges con mayor cantidad de usuarios tienen, obviamente, mayor cantidad de transacciones, lo que les asegura liquidez, y de alguna manera refleja que los usuario no tienen mayores quejas.
Reputación: Si ves alguna nota negativa, piensatelo dos veces. No hay más.
Fees (comisiones): Este es un tema controversial. Algunos exchanges tienen comisiones exorbitantes, otros no tanto, pero todos tienen! Algunos tienen una comisión fija (digamos 0.002% independiente del monto que muevas, compres o vendas) mientras que en otro varian de acuerdo a la criptomoneda. Hay que estar atentos, por aquello de que no dejes la mitad de tus ganancias en la comisión.
Opinión de la comunidad: Chismes, rumores y noticias. Algunos exchanges de pronto tienen problemas para que los usuario retiren fondos (falta de liquidez, demoras por problemas técnicos, etc.), registran errores en las transacciones (tus fondos desaparecen ups) o de plano los hackean. Reddit, Telegram, etc. son las mejores fuentes de información para tener el pulso de qué sucede con cada exchange. No subestimes la veracidad de ningun reporte, sobre todo si tienes fondos en el exchange que mencionan.
Seguridad: Entre más capas de seguridad tenga el exchange (verificación de email, verificación de número telefónico, PIN, 2FA, confirmación por email para cada transferencia, etc.) mejor. Así como hay gente dedicada a invertir, hay gente que dedica el mismo tiempo, o más, a encontrar vulnerabilidades en los exchanges y en las cuentas de los usuarios. De nuevo: Cuando tengas tus criptomonedas, muevelas a tus carteras. No dejes nunca fondos en el exchange.
Apertura de cuentas: Dependiendo del exchange, y del tipo de cuenta que pretendas abrir (esto tiene que ver con los montos que quieras manejar), los requisitos varian, pero en general es muy sencillo abrir las cuentas basicas. Si tus inversiones o tus montos de retiro son significativos, los exchanges van a solicitar pruebas adicionales de identidad para cumplir con regulaciones KYC (know your client) y AML (anti money laundering). A veces la revision de tales documentos puede demorar dias o semanas, pero, repito, las cuentas basicas son mas bien faciles de abrir.
Lista de exchanges centralizados: Los primeros quince de esta lista son bastante serios (pero nunca te fies 100% de ninguno). Personalmente, Binance (su app funciona de maravilla) y Bittrex (bastante fácil de usar) son mis preferidos, aunque dependiendo de las monedas que me interesen (no todas las monedas están en todos los exchanges) abro cuentas en muchos otros más: HitBTC, Cryptopia, Kraken, Poloniex, Huobi, OKEx, etc., etc.
Lista de exchanges decentralizados: Si eres nuevo, familiarizate primero con los centralizados antes de dar este salto. No son fáciles de usar (aunque cada vez lo son más y este año vienen varios nuevos que prometen), y dado que te comunicas directo con el vendedocomprador no hay nadie que se haga responsable de tus errores. En Youtube hay bastantes tutoriales, invierte tiempo en ellos.
Es ironico que el 90% de volumen de criptomonedas, cuya esencia es la decentralizacion, se lleve a cabo en exchanges centralizados. La maduracion tecnologica (la interfaz con el usuario) de los exchanges decentralizados no es todavia la suficiente. De cualquier manera, sus ventajas son obvias: no tienen comisiones, no hay intermediarios y no son censurables. Ah! También son completamente anónimos. Entre los más usuales: Etherdelta, Idex, Waves, Radar Relay, etc.
Como siempre, cualquier aportación para mejorar este post es bienvenida.
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General info and list of exchanges for Latino Token (LATINO)

Mi Cuenta Directorio Marketplace Red Social Hoja de Ruta 0 Artículos 
Buscar por: Buscar ¡Únete a la cripto economía! Conoce cripto-emprendedores, explora tiendas y negocios, y vende o compra lo que sea con criptomonedas en Latinoamérica!
Red Social MarketPlace Directorio
¡Únete gratis a Latino Token ahora mismo! Regístrate gratis ahora mismo en Latino Token para tener acceso prioritario al ICO y ser pionero de este gran cripto proyecto latino!
Ingresa con Facebook Sign in with Google *Si no quieres usar Facebook ni Google, te puedes registrar con tu email aquí >
Tiendas y Negocios Recientes Explora el cripto directorio mas grande de Latino America
20 TRIZIA Trajes Típicos Colombianos Armenia - Quindío, Colombia barrio San José calle 21#28-54 3105066497
TRIZIA Trajes Típicos Colombianos 13 Jarabe Express Venezuela
Jarabe Express 7 Moneda Blanca Acapulco Productos IPN Acapulco, Gro., México 7441790530
Moneda Blanca Acapulco Productos IPN 7 Aromative – Aromatizacion de ambientes Bolivia 2262, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1160120598
Aromative – Aromatizacion de ambientes 11 Cultura Sobre Ruedas Skate Shop Eldorado, Misiónes, Argentina calle san juan 1837
Cultura Sobre Ruedas Skate Shop 10 Saint Store Thames 471, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1157534694
Saint Store 15 suplementos alimenticios organicos y veganos Calle 105-A, Fracc La Selva, 225, 77516 Cancún, Q.R., México
suplementos alimenticios organicos y veganos 16 Jugos coldpress a Domicilio Bogotá, Colombia 3213998616
Jugos coldpress a Domicilio 18 BrandiEstudio Marketing Digital y Sistemas Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
BrandiEstudio Marketing Digital y Sistemas Productos Recientes del MarketPlace Taza Oficial de Latino Token Valorado en 5.00 de 5 Ƀ0.0024 – Ƀ0.0032
Seleccionar opciones Gorra Oficial de Latino Token Colores Claros Valorado en 5.00 de 5 Ƀ0.0056
Seleccionar opciones Gorra Oficial de Latino Token Colores Oscuros Valorado en 5.00 de 5 Ƀ0.0056
Seleccionar opciones Camisa Oficial de Latino Token Negra Valorado en 5.00 de 5 Ƀ0.0048
Seleccionar opciones Camisa Oficial Latino Token Blanca Ƀ0.0048
Seleccionar opciones Camisa Oficial Latino Token Azul Valorado en 5.00 de 5 Ƀ0.0048
Seleccionar opciones ¡Únete a la nueva economía! Ingresa gratis a Latino Token ahora Regístrate gratis ahora mismo en Latino Token para tener acceso prioritario al ICO y ser pionero de este gran cripto proyecto latino!
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*Si no quieres usar Facebook ni Google, te puedes registrar con tu email haciendo click aquí >
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latino token
Latino Token es la primera comunidad 100% enfocada en el crecimiento de la criptoeconomía en Latinoamérica y en todo el mundo de habla hispana. Socializa, aprende y emprende en esta maravillosa industria! Puedes comprar y vender Latino Token en el exchange Mercatox.
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Acreditamos que isso irá cobrir a maioria das dúvidas que você tenha! Se você tiver outras perguntas, envie-nos um tweet para @Binance e responderemos o máximo que pudermos! Realize Hoje Farm de Tokens BEL! Siga-nos em nossos canais em português no novo Twitter, novo Instagram, Facebook e YouTube. Dans une interview du 6 mai 2020, Yusko déclare sur la chaîne YouTube Altcoin Buzz, que si la capitalisation boursière de Bitcoin atteint la même valeur que celle de l’or, Bitcoin pourrait logiquement voir son prix dépasser les 100 000 USD entre 2021 et 2022. Yusko est particulièrement optimiste quant à l’avenir de Bitcoin : « Je crois en fait que cette transition sera la plus ... Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume No olvidemos que Binance es el mayor exchange de criptomonedas del mundo (en cuanto a volumen), y han asegurado que este robo afectó a un dos por ciento del total de sus existencias de Bitcoin. Ripple is suing Youtube, accusing the video platform of not doing enough to eliminate crypto-related "giveaway" scams. The payment network wants to force Buy bitcoin or ethereum using GBP & EUR. We offer BTC/GBP & ETH/GBP and trading of cryptocurrencies on our platform. Join Binance Jersey Fiat to Crypto Exchange - Today! Exchange. Basic. Advanced. Referral Support News. Log In . USD. CNY. EUR. GBP. JPY. KRW. RUB. USD. Binance Jersey Bridging the Crypto-Fiat Channel Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies with Pounds and Euros. Log In. Closure of Binance ... A Binance destaca que os fundamentos da rede estão muito melhores do que naquela época. Mesmo assim, a exchange destaca as quedas no poder de processamento (hash rate) do Bitcoin. “A dificuldade foi recalculada para baixo de seu novo recorde histórico (20,00 T) em 18 de outubro para 16,79 T em 3 de novembro. Binance é alvo de saques massivos de Bitcoin. No gráfico publicado pelo CryptoQuant, é possível verificar o fluxo histórico de BTC que entra e sai da Binance: Gráfico publicado pelo CryptoQuant. Conforme se verifica pela imagem, o dia 3 de novembro foi marcado por um balanço negativo de 58.861 BTC (R$ 4,86 bilhões). Assim, de acordo com a análise do Cointelegraph, o movimento pode ... Binance es un exchange de criptomonedas propiamente dicho, debido a que conecta el comprado y el vendedor haciendo las veces de intermediario en la operación. Además es el creador de un token llamado Binance Coin (BNB), la cual le sirvió en julio del 2017 para recaudar $15 millones a través de una ICO y ahora es un medio para reducir las comisiones por parte de los usuarios. Youtube falso da Binance faz usuários perderem bitcoins em um golpe bem elaborado que usa canais hackeados , mais de R$14 foram roubados.

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Que es CONGELAR Bitcoin y como hacerlo🔥 - YouTube

Como congelar Bitcoin 2019, que es es y pasos para hacerlo. forma de hacer trading en el Exchange de Binance. Recuerden hacerlo con conocimiento, de lo contr... En este video te mostramos qué es y cómo funciona la plataforma Binance en Venezuela este 2020. Uno de los mejores exhange de Bitoin y criptomonedas en Venez... binance margin trading tutorial 2019💪estrategia para criptomonedas con altas caidas de precio 💰 - duration: 12:43. Semillero de Ingresos 4,339 views 12:43 🔴COMO COMPRAR BITCOIN al mejor PRECIO en BINANCE 2020 💯 - Duration: 11:55. Papá Bitcoin y Criptos 19,147 views. 11:55 ... Binance, Que es y Como Funciona el Monedero, Exchange y Trading de ... Por qué BAKKT Impulso Precio de BITCOIN y Cuál es su Potencial e Implicaciones - Duration: 14 ... (BNB) que esta pasando? Binance DEX - Duration: 16:18. Daniel Muvdi 6,039 views. 16:18 . You ... Como comprar criptomonedas con Binance, si te gusta este mundo de las criptomonedas (Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin) te presento a Binance Exchange. Es uno de los proyectos en los que más creo. 🛑REGISTRATE EN BINANCE: DESCARGA LA APP DE ESCRITORIO DE BINANCE: TUTORIAL DE TRADING EN BINANCE CO... El canal esta diseñado con el fin de brindar educación entorno Bitcoin y el sector Cripto, nuestro objetivo es aportar información que te permita intercactua... Tutorial en español de Binance, uno de los exchanges más importantes del mundo. Como usar las opciones más básicas: depósitos, retiros, compras y ventas. Más... APRENDA COMO OPERAR CONTRATOS FUTUROS DE BITCOIN NA BINANCE - Duration: 21:57. CriptoFácil 9,086 ... BITCOIN rompe principal resistência e vale mais do que antes da crise! Está acontecendo ...